Doğum Yeri : HOLLANDA

The Turkish artist Gülşah Kelekçi, who lives in the Netherlands, made her debut with the Seven Düvel songs! Kelekçi, who published his first single work with Kınay Production label, is already able to attract attention with the different sound of his voice.


The artist has been living with music for 25 years. He took the stage in the Netherlands and shared his music with the audience.

Recently he met with the songwriter Çetin Tazeler and he completed his professional works and a video of Yedi Düvel.

It continues to win its appreciation with its song vel Yedi Düvel inin ’which has taken its place on all digital platforms.

The Turkish Artist of the Netherlands is also attracting attention abroad! Gülşah Kelekçi, who lives in the Netherlands, says that Turkish music attracts attention. Another tone, the tunes we make, arouse curiosity in them. As a Turkish female artist, I will guide my work to make more Turkish music feel in the country I live in. I can attract the interest of the Dutch people of Turkish origin.

People are hungry to hear something different and want different sounds. ”says We didn’t love the Turks, we loved our folk! Blending modern music and ethnic music, Kelekçi wants the world to listen to its new works.

Gülşah Kelekçi stated that the songs are our essence, and even when the folk songs are really felt, people from another culture will like it. . When a friend of mine who never listened to me listened to me, he said that he always wanted to listen to me, I now think that folk songs have such an effect. ” said After the release of the Yedi  Düvel songs,

the new singles will start with the works of surprise.

The artist, who always expressed his desire for music, said that he used to perform on every stage from the original to the foreign songs and to always listen to the music.