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Manuş Baba (1st. of December  1986/Tarsus)

He took the nickname after his grandmother called him “Manuş” which means the beautiful kid. And “Baba” is the first ever word he had spoken, that means father, daddy in Turkish language. His father influenced him discovering to be a good person and carrying burdens of being good, spending effort to achieve while his father was effecting the artist to become “Manuş Baba”.

His childhood was spent in Tarsus mostly, where he was born. The family had to move to Antalya because of the father’s season work there. He was graduated from Barbaros Primary School and Antalya Gazi Highschool. His father bought a guitar for him during the highschool years and he took several music lessons such as guitar, vocals and music itself.  He was accepted to Akdeniz University’s Fine Arts Faculty to study Music in 2010. He started making covers and writing new songs and shared them on social media. That helped him widen his name through the society. In early 2015, he met Murat Kınay, a well known producer in Turkey, who approached to his music with sympathy and they started to work together.

He is being inpired by traditional sounds to be a versatile musician and he welcomed so many new facts in his life during the journey through Tarsus, Antalya and İstanbul. He met with the audience in the cities of Turkey around early 2016 by a tour named ‘’The Tour without Album’’ and he indicated the power of the love with the words ‘’Let’s make each other good.’’

While the concerts and tours were ongoing, he made a gift for the audience in May 2017 releasing his debut album ‘’Dönersen Islık Çal’’ with Kınay Production label. The album was recorded at Erekli-Tunç Studios which is one of the most preferred studios by artists in Istanbul . Manuş Baba worked with a dream squad to record this album. Tansu Çuhacı on keyboards, Onur Taşkan and Akın Eldes on guitars, Erdinç Ayar on the bass, Ata Erdem Şimşek on the drums, Bilge Kaan, Vural Ardıç and Mertcan Kıranda on clarinet, Ayhan Aydın on bağlama and Volkan Şenlendirici  with the oud were the musicians who helped him complete the project. Mert Kasap was responsible with the mix and Andy Vandette from New York was the name for mastering.

Album made a big impact all over the country and started to show itself at the top of the lists. Many songs in the album reached to the top lists of Spotify. Furthermore, it was the second most popular album in Apple Music and hit the bestselling lists at the offline market while giving Manuş Baba a huge popularity and success.